During our Annual General Meeting, we decided that from April the 1st 2022 we would be supporting Thistle Ceremonies SCIO and their Funeral Fund.

When combined with bereaved people’s sense of disorientation, potential inexperience in arranging funerals, and a natural desire to ‘sort it out quickly’, this can all result in many people buying funerals they cannot afford and taking on unmanageable and devastating debt.

The average debt taken on by people who struggled to pay for a funeral in 2020 was £1,751.

Funeral poverty can also have a hugely detrimental impact on people’s emotional wellbeing. Whilst arranging a funeral, bereaved people can experience a broad range of emotions, including a need to provide the person who has died with a meaningful tribute. This can lead to anxiety about ‘getting it right’ and, if there are limited funds, an overwhelming sense of guilt, distress and shame.

Please read The Story of Funeral Poverty to find out more.

Thistle Ceremonies SCIO was initially thought up by the founding members of Thistle Ceremonies Trading Ltd. The organisation was created to provide Humanist ceremonies for those who not only wanted a different kind of ceremony for all of life's occassions, but also wanted to give something back to society.

All profits from Thistle Ceremonies Trading Ltd are given direct to Thistle Ceremonies SCIO charity so they can help fight funeral poverty and raise awareness, with the hope that in the future we will all be able to help eradicate this life changing issue in Scotland.

If you feel that you are affected by funeral poverty, please feel free to contact Thistle Ceremonies SCIO.